The 3 S's in Success.

The 3 S’s in Success.



The 3 S’s in Success.

Many years ago I started my personal development journey and like many I started with different strategies from self help books. Even though these were a good help, I found there was other obstacles getting in the way of me making the breakthrough’s I wanted.

I then, like most people on this journey came across the brilliant work of Anthony Robbins and was introduced to his concept of the 3 S’s in Success.  Strategy, Story and State I then realised that these where the missing pieces.
6 years later after a lot of reading, studying and qualifying in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Thinking and Personal Development Coaching, I have now seen the benefits of using this concept and the various skills of these modalities to address the 3 S’s.

So if you are feeling stuck, or on a journey of starting and stopping over and over again, you may find that you are making some good progress at times, but you constantly find it’s a struggle, you may need to address 1 or maybe all 3 of the the S’s.

The key to any breakthrough in life I have found is to master the 3 S’s, a good STRATEGY is important but we also need to take control of our STATE of mind and change those dis-empowering STORIES we tell ourselves of why we can’t do it.



Most of the time the strategy is where we give all our energy and focus, creating a plan is a key essential part for setting and achieving successful goals and using proven and tested tools and techniques to achieve results make it easier to take action on our goals. It is an important part of making a change but without the other S’s aligned it can be tough to be successful and feel fulfilled.


If we are constantly stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated we don’t have the fuel to implement our goals. When we feel uncomfortable about moving forward and feel paralyzed by fear of failure, or worried about handling future success, then progress can be slow. Creating a mindset of being positive, progressive and proactive is a vital part but also addressing and releasing the fears that are holding us back is the difference that makes the difference.


The state we are in most of the time can lead to the creation of limiting beliefs and values that hold us back. Understanding the power of language, the words we use, the thoughts we think, ensuring the stories we tell ourselves create new and more empowering beliefs and habits to move us forward is what is needed. Our goals need to be aligned with our values, which are what’s most important to us and we need to condition the belief in ourselves, that we are good enough, we can achieve it and it is worth it, for us to be successful.
The story we create has to be aligned in every way with our state and the correct strategy, when these three come together in sync then we can not only be successful but we can be truly fulfilled.

Steps to get started. 

  1. Be 100% honest and clear with yourself of the way things are right now. Not to make them better or worst that they are, but to be real in the way it is.  Are you disturbed enough with the way things are so you are motivated to change?

  2. Look at exactly what you want, the result you are looking for and how you want to feel when you achieve it. Remember that everything we do in life, we do it because when we achieve it, we will feel a certain way.

  3. Why is it important to you? If your WHY isn’t big enough the motivation will dwindle. The Why needs to put a fire in your belly and it needs to focus on what you love and not on avoiding what you fear.

  4. When you are clear on parts 1 to 3 ask yourself the questions:
    (a) What has stopped you in the passed ? Eg. Fear, worry, lack of confidence, limiting belief, wrong strategy.
    (b) Which of the 3 S’s do you need to work on?  State, Story, Strategy or all 3
    (c) What help do you need to get? Who can help you?
    (d) Is it internal or external resources you need ?

  5. Write all this out and see what limiting beliefs come up, what feeling come up, what has worked and what needs to change.
    Write out a list of empowering beliefs that are aligned with your goal and focus on the way you want to feel while achieving them and affirm this to yourself.                                                                                                               Image:
    Blog Post by Joe Forde.